Correct blood pressure

Helps reduce or increase arterial blood pressure.

Comfortable life

Regular use helps improve mood and gives an overall feeling of well being.

Less drugs

Helps reduce the number of drugs taken.

In any weather
Reduces the effects of abrupt changes in weather on your body.

Zones affected

Methodology of effects

Electrical stimulation occurs using a weak electric current and is barely perceivable. The device uses programs which differ from each other in terms of frequency (from 9 to 77 Hz), time shift and amplitude.

Selection of a particular program results either in reduction of sympathicotonia, which leads to hypertension, or in contrast increases the insufficient impact of the sympathetic nervous system on vascular tone, which leads to hypotension.


✔ Arterial blood pressure normalises.
✔ Overall physical condition improves.
✔ Emotional state improves.
✔ Ability to work increases.
✔ Medicine dosages reduce.

Quick how to use video

The device is designed for the drug-free correction of arterial blood pressure and the normalisation of the body’s overall condition.