The device NВР-050 is assigned to treat reflexogenic zones of body on a wrist by an electric current of different frequencies. Electrostimulation is the multipurpose way to stimulate paratope structures, including bioactive points, and to circulate the range of control and adaptation mechanisms of body. They can measure the electric current by pulse height, managed by the impulse frequency, their duration, form, polarity, and finally, it is an adequate stimulus for excitable tissues.

The researches show, that during electrostimulation there is a change of impendence of subelectrode skin zone, as well as changes in heart rate variability, e.g. tension-time index by R.M Baevsky, indicating high sensitivity of the regulation system to the electrical impact. They  an selectively influence the regulatory system of body to restore homeostasis during electrostimulation by changing of frequency while the impulse height can be hardly felt. The type of disease and comfortability of device usage at work, at home define the choice of points of impact, during the course treatment. The stimulation is conducted with pulse packet, the quantity of pulse packets corresponds to a set of frequencies to correct the arterial pressure. The effectiveness of treatment depends on patient’s state before treatment and treated reflexogenic zones.

Primarily, the device influences the vascular tone. At the same time, the device does not have any impact on the volume of cardiac output or cardiac rhythm.

Patient does not get used to the treatment by electrostimulation, moreover the impact of device NВР-050 has low intensity and duration, which can increase tolerance and make procedures safe. It is true, that regulation of arterial pressure depends on different facts, connected with genetics, stresses, nutrition and way of life. The increase of vascular tone or increase of rigidity of vascular walls, increase of intensity of neuronal regulation, quantity of sympathetic charges towards muscle vessels have certain dependences. The change in diameter of small vessels for a part of micron can affect quite essentially the blood pressure, since the total volume of bloodstream is changed. Blood pressure increases during vascular spasm and decreases during its relaxation. Nervous system is a bioelectrical system; electric impulses transfer its signals. During the procedure, the device forms electric impulses that are similar to natural electric signals. They influence those central systems that control cardio-vascular system, particularly the vasomotor center in the medulla oblongata. It has two parts: pressory and depressory. Thus, there is a release of biologically active substances affecting the tonus of vascular nonstriated muscles.