Sit or lay down before the procedure. It is prohibited to use the device for correction of blood pressure (as well as tonometer) in a standing position. Measure the blood pressure with the use of tonometer if needed. Let us assume that the figures of blood pressure are high. In this case, place the device on the zone МС-6 on your left wrist and fasten the elastic bracelet. The stimulation of this zone has a sufficient sedative effect towards cardio-vascular system. The treatment of this zone helps to reduce the blood pressure. Pull forward your hand with palm up, count three centimeters from the wrist towards elbow on the mid-line of the elbow, and there will be the zone МС-6. Push the button, placed above the upper panel of the device. The button is marked by three prominent points that makes them easy to find for the visually impaired patients or in the dark.

After pressing the button, you will hear a sound of buzzer and the white alarm LED lights up. You will also feel a slight impact of current on your skin. Most of the people whom we asked to describe this effect, describe it as quite pleasant. Sit or lie down comfortably, relax and think about something
good. When the correction program is completed, you will hear a long sound of buzzer and the LED will turn off. Then you can remove the device from your wrist. Take a rest after the procedure for 20 minutes. Do not forget to clean the electrodes of the device after use and put it near the tonometer.Course appli cati on Experienced hypertensive patients, as a rule, have set of drugs, prescribed by a doctor. You should not stop taking these drugs. The device
should be used in conjunction with them, to achieve the following purposes.
• improve the effectiveness of therapy;
• prevent crises or to cut them off;
• prevent decrease in the effectiveness of drug treatment;
• reduce (in future and according to a solution of physician) of dozes or amount of drugs;
• reduce the impact of weather on health.


If the pressure is 100/60, and person feels good – everything is fine, there is no need to use the device. However, hypotension often causes many unpleasant symptoms:
deterioration of emotional state, weakness, dizziness, feeling of heaviness, pallor, etc. Furthermore, hypotensive patients often have problems with the awakening in the morning. They should conduct treatment with the device only in case the patient feels bad. So, if you feel dizzy, have cold hands and feet, do not want to work (they should distinguish those attacks from usual laziness), have troubles in awakening in the morning, do the following:

• place the device on zone ТЕ-5, on
the face of left wrist;
• do not forget to wet the skin under electrodes to provide better contact;
• fasten the elastic bracelet and push the button;
If you use the device to wake up in the morning, but you cannot open your eyes, find the button on the touch, it has one prominent point. You will hear a sound signal, white light is on, and then you can relax during the procedure;
• after correction of the program is over, you will feel much better;
• as hypertensive, hypotensive patients are also recommended to take the device with them
The pathogenesis of hypotension is the disorder of the neurohumoral system, which regulates vascular tone. The stimulation modes for hypotensives should give energy. These modes include modes with amplitude modulation of high frequencies – 77 Hz and 140 Hz – lower – with frequency 4 ÷ 5 Hz, which increase centralization of regulation of autonomic tone and causes an increase of index voltage, thereby causing an increase of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Zone ТЕ-5 is situated also on theleft wrist, but on the other side – face side. Pull forward your hand with palm down, count three centimeters towards elbow, and find the point ТЕ-5. TE-5 has a regulatory effect on the cardiovascular system, the nature of the effect is very close to the MC6, but has, in contrast to it, not a sedative, but mild toning effect. It has a stabilizing effect on vascular tone under atmospheric pressure fluctuations. It is used to treat headaches, vegetative-vascular dystonia with blood pressure fluctuations.